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  • John C. Rexford

Remote legal services, consultations and documents.

To provide long term client convenience, I offer private estate planning consultations by video conference (Zoom) or telephone, frequently questions and answers by email and Trusts and related estate plan documents in a pre-organized Estate Plan binder. Documents can be mailed to you ready to be signed and notarized. Prices for a complete estate plan, including: a Revocable Trust, Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, Living Will, Assignment of Personal Property, Distribution Memorandum, Locator List, Asset Inventory Section, Instructions, and more, range from $1,500 - $2,500. A new Deed can be included to transfer your home or other property into your trust for $125, plus the recording fees payable to the County. Service includes availability for further questions or updates at an hourly rate.


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